Official Alumni Website


I hope you like the new home of the Excite@Home alumni site. I got tired of sifting through advertisements at Yahoo! to read posts. This new site has a bulletin board system, but it has been hacked a bit to allow me to put phone numbers, resumes, etc. in your profiles. I also had to add some search functionality to let you (and recruiters) search some of these fields such as resumes.

Speaking of recruiters, they have been calling me more and more lately. I took the site down for a bit while migrating servers and decided to change the format. While it was down, the job market has picked up. Now recruiters are asking me for access, so I have been working to get the new site set up.

Now that the database has been migrated from the old alumni site, you should all be able to log in with your old username and password once you are in the alumni area. To gain access to the alumni area, just click the link above that says "LOG IN" and enter the username and password. You will need to check the box that says "remember my password", otherwise you will have to enter it every time.

What is the username and password?
I'm not telling. Seriously, there are two sets. One is for employees and the other is for recruiters. If you are already in the database and your email is valid, you should have already recieved an email from me with the username and password. If not, you will need to ask someone who has it, or convince me via email that you used to work for Excite@Home.

I'm a recruiter, how do I get access?
If you are a potential employer for Excite@Home alumni, please e-mail for the password. Include your company name, title and a phone number you can be reached at. I will verify your information before allowing access to the database. Only recruiters employed by a reputable company will be granted access. No independant headhunters please. Each recruiter must ask for access individually and may not give out the password to their recruiter buddies. If there is abuse, the password will simply be changed.

All information contained on this site belongs to the members of the site. This information may not be duplicated, sold, traded, or used for personal gain without the consent of the individuals on this site. Resumes are included for the sole purpose of networking and employment. Resumes and other personal information on this site are not to be removed and placed in public databases or databases that are accessed for a fee.
Shane Lunceford